“It was my pleasure to spend the day with Mary Jo in her L.E.A.P. class. Her well organized presentation has a mix of wisdom, tools and great discussion points. This equipped me to overcome my day to day challenges, enjoy more in my life and allow my dreams to manifest.  I highly recommend this and any of her classes, she makes learning fun.”  ~  Have a great day,  Joy P Green Bay, WI

“Thank you. [Your] program came into my life at exactly the perfect time. I really appreciate all I
have learned from you.” ~  Julie

“Thank you so much Mary Jo for helping me open up my eyes to new possibilities! You are a
huge part of my recovery process!”  ~ Anonymous

“[Your] program has brought my self-esteem up significantly. It has made me learn to love myself
and take control of my life. I now accept myself when I never really could before.” ~  Kristine W.

“This group helped me find different ways of looking at life in general. It also gave me more tools
to use in my current job.” ~  Natalia

“You are wonderful Mary Jo, and the ladies that you have been working with are constantly
quoting you and sharing your wisdom with others.  It is amazing to see the effect you have on
people, including myself! Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do, I really
appreciate you and I know the women who attend your groups do as well!!” ~  Brittany

“Working with Mary Jo in the Infinite Possibilities workbook has been very exciting. She has been
remarkably supportive, gentle, and compassionate yet skillfully trained at helping me focus on
what is really important in life, what stands in my way, and taking the next steps it takes to
accomplish my goals. She is a great listener. I really feel heard, and that has been key to my
trusting the coaching process. Mary Jo has fantastic suggestion that I’ve found eye-opening,
simple, and practical. I believe we all could use some guidance to better our physical and mental
health. It is never too late to open our eyes around us and have more peace.” ~  Kathy Z.

“[Your] program has enriched me: by allowing me to grow another level – giving me the tools to
get to a place where I finally can be confident, happy, and successful.” ~  Molly