Mary Jo Rakowski

Mary Jo Rakowski
Transformational Coach
Live, Empowered, Aware, and on Purpose!
Taking Care of You Body, Mind, Spirit Certified Trainer
Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer
Playing the Matrix Certified Trainer

Mary Jo RakowskiMary Jo Rakowski is passionate about empowering women and men of all ages to embrace their inner strength and discover their intrinsic value. She inspires people to walk their unique self-directed life path in confidence and joy.

As the creator of  Live, Empowered, Aware, and on Purpose (LEAP), Mary Jo Rakowski is an enthusiastic truth-telling teacher. In that program, she leads her students into harnessing their inner power by giving them the skills they need to feel the difference between merely existing and living life in full bloom.

As a life-long student, Mary Jo studies and integrates the latest neuroscience research, creative exercises and guided meditations to channel her passion and the principles of Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Changing Your Life into her coaching, speaking and workshops.

Mary Jo’s personal healing journey began the day she lost her mother to a drunk driver. A calling arose from that experience to guide women through various life transitions. From divorces to diagnoses, career transitions to empty nesters, Mary Jo’s outspoken wisdom and her exuberant laughter enlighten women to see their beautiful souls’ reflection with new eyes.

For those who don’t feel heard, Mary Jo’s insightful guidance helps them discover their own voice and courageously start living out loud. Mary Jo patiently walks beside you journeying through life’s valleys until your internal wise spirit can stand on her own, discover her true essence and step into an inspired life from a place of strength, trust and belief in themselves.

Mary Jo has guided countless women in the liberation from emotional attachments to past experiences, the release from limiting beliefs and the discovery of their true divinity. Won’t you join them?

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

MJ has also been a featured presenter and guest speaker at conferences, corporate programs, group and and educational events. Please lease contact her to book her for an event or find out more information.